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  Directions to the Mountain Cabin, River Cabin,Romantic Cottage & the Carriage House

 As always GPS and Map Quest can not be relied upon for accurate driving directions in Mountainous areas. Please refer to the Directions we send to you.

Traveling in to Estes from Loveland




From North bound Interstate 25 and the Hwy 34 exit you will travel West into the town of Loveland, CO. - continue West through town staying on Hwy 34

Once you begin to enter the Big Thompson Canyon you will travel approx. 17 miles to a little town called Drake, CO. It has a post office and a little store (really just a spot on the road).

We are located 8 miles further up the canyon on Hwy 34 on the Left hand side of the road.

 Our Address is 2462 US Hwy 34. You will see a 5' carved bear that stands in front of the Cabin.The cabin has log siding on it.

 The River Cabin is the golden wood sided cabin next door. The Romantic Cottage is in the back yard.



Mtn. Cabin, River Cabin, Romantic Cottage

Traveling in to Estes from Hwy 36

You will pass the junction of Hwy 7 and Hwy 36. There is a stop light there - continue on 36 till you come to the next light, which is the junction of Hwy 36 and Hwy 34. Take a right onto Hwy 34. Travel East on Hwy 34 past lake Estes. Once you start to enter the canyon (towards Drake / Loveland). You will pass Loveland Heights cottages on the right and then Big Bend Motel. You will see a mile marker 67 sign -- start to signal and slow down. We are in the next grouping of cabins. We are on the Right hand side of the road. You will first see a Gold- sided cabin with green trim, next to that is a wood sided cabin which is the River Cabin- The Mountain Cabin is next door. Our address is 2462 US Hwy 34. There is a 5' carved bear out in front of the Cabin. The Cabin has log siding on it. The Romantic Cottage is located in the back yard. To access it you just go thru the wooden gate and head straight back


Upon entering Estes Park either through Hwy 36,34, or 7..........all three highways intersect at ELKHORN AVE (McDonalds on corner). If you are coming in from Hwy 34 (from Loveland) continue straight on Elkhorn Ave. If you are coming in from Hwy 36 or Hwy 7 turn left at the light onto Elkhorn Ave. The fourth stop light will be Moraine Ave. which also turns into Hwy 36 again. Turn left on Moraine, stay in the right hand lane. This lane will take you up the hill, follow the curve around to the right.There is a stop sign on the left hand lane but you dont need to stop. That is only if you were going straight. You will be on Moraine for about 2 miles. You will come upon another stop light which is MARYS LAKE ROAD. Once you pass thru that stop light immediately get into the left hand lane. You will see the Hwy 66 sign and YMCA sign. You are going to veer off the left hand side of the two lane hwy to the stop sign which is about one to two blocks distance from the MARYS LAKE ROAD STOP LIGHT. (You will be turning off of Hwy 36 to the left). The road you will be crossing is the road that takes you from Rocky Mountain National Park. You will be traveling about .6 miles when you will see a wooden sign on the left hand side of the road.........it will say Rock Mount Cottages. Immediately to your right will be a big sign that will say Valhalla Resort and Machins Cottages in the Pines. Turn right on the road which is EAGLE CLIFF ROAD.You will travel approx. .5 miles. You must drive thru Valhalla Resort to get to our place. There is a 10 mile an hour sign and speed bumps by their office. Please obey this speed limit and watch for their guests crossing the road or cars pulling out on either side of the road. You will continue STRAIGHT on this road. DO NOT TURN OFF THIS ROAD! The road will switch from road base to asphalt and our house and Carriage House is on the right hand side of road.There is a circle driveway with our house no. of 2375 on the upper circle drive. During the season when there may be ice or snow on the road you need to accelerate up the road after passing Valhalla's office and do not stop on the hill. Enter thru the upper circle drive in the winter time so you don't have to slow down on the part of the hill that has more of an incline to it.


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